About us

During the first Covid-19 lockdown in Spain in 2020, Peter and Benjamin, two friends who already had a huge passion for all things classic on two and four wheels, were searching for ways to generate new income. Their existing tourism businesses were suffering tremendously, so they decided it was time to look for new opportunities.

As no one was allowed to leave their homes, they began looking on-line for a classic motorcycle that needed some love which they could restore and then sell. They came across a classic Moto Guzzi Hispania from a gentleman in his 80’s who had owned it from new and, as soon as they were allowed to move around freely again, they paid him a visit. After showing the boys for one final time that he could still ride it without problems, the man decided to sell his little 49cc classic, although not without shedding the odd tear.

So, Peter and Ben set out to honour the old man’s passion and began the restoration. After three weeks the project was complete and the Guzzi looked stunning. They both wanted to keep the bike, but after reluctantly putting it up for sale, it sold within a few days and Vintage Wheels was born.

The concept soon developed further and, instead of keeping the proceeds of the sale, they chose to reinvest in another project. Not wanting to run before they could walk, searching resumed for another small bike to restore. They quickly found one only a few hours away and decided to go and take a look.

Lo and behold, it turned out that the owner of the bike would be one of Spain’s largest classic bike collectors. This catapulted Vintage Wheels to the next level as they now had a steady flow of rare classic bikes which they could restore. Working on several rebuilds at a time, people started to show a real interest in the quality of work they were producing. As with all restoration projects, challenges included finding parts, repairing carburettors, fixing throttles that have been stuck on open for years and matching the exact colours to the era of the original vehicle.

Having now completed quite a few bikes and with Fabien recently being appointed as the third partner of the company, the door has opened to their first dream car project, a 1966 Ford Mustang, which you will find them working on today. They just love revisiting the creator’s original vision, their engineering and imagination, as they aim to bring the past back to the present.


Resident Genius

Pete’s fascination with motorcycles started at a young age when his father put him on a mini bike at the age of four. Since then, two wheels has been his life, from Motocross to Supercross and Harley Davidsons. What he doesn’t tell many people is that as a teenager he built a 1974 MG Midget soft top with his father and that was his first car. It’s either classic or nothing for him. 

Fact Check
  • Born: London
  • Favourite Movie: Ghost
  • Drives a: Harley Davidson
  • Always orders: Big Mac


Supreme Leader

Born in Belgium, but growing up in Colombia and Venezuela, Benjamin quickly showed he was the daredevil of the team. Coming from a big sporting background, it was road racing that captured his imagination. Speed was king, however as the years passed, he mellowed more and fell in love with the incredible engineering of the past just like Peter and Fabian. 

Fact Check
  • Born: Leuven
  • Favourite Movie: Wall Street
  • Drives a: Minivan
  • Always orders: Steamed mussels


Master Mechanic

The youngest member of the team but definitely a mechanical genius. Fabian shares the love of all things vintage and two wheels with the others. Born in France, he travelled a lot as a boy with his family, learning different automotive styles from all over the world. Unlike the rest of the team he hates carrot cake. 

Fact Check
  • Born: Paris
  • Favourite Movie: The Notebook
  • Drives a: Harley Davidson
  • Always orders: A salad