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We are delighted to show you the projects that we are currently working on. In our never-ending quest to bring back the past to the present, these are the vehicles that we have carefully selected to continue our pursuit of excellence and journey of rediscovery through quality craftsmanship.

1966 Mustang

1966 is undoubtedly one of the most popular years as far as the extensive history of the Ford Mustang is concerned. In fact, in March 1966, Ford built the millionth Mustang, highlighting the significance of it in classic car history.

The early years of the sporty Mustang were certainly good for Ford, but 1966 marked the year that the hard work started to pay off. People began to associate the Ford Mustang with great power and high performance. It was the car to have for daily driving and was also perfect as a weekend cruiser with a sporty edge. It was a car for everyone who was looking for a well-built vehicle, enjoyed driving and wanted to look great while doing it.

Making an Icon

Ford’s popular advertising campaigns tended to extensively promote the Mustang’s youthful spirit. One advert featured two mature adults sitting in a brand-new Mustang with the slogan “Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children.”

The message was clear… the car was built for fun and adventure, it would make you feel young again, it was made for enthusiastic drivers and car enthusiasts who simply loved driving. And your neighbours would definitely take notice!


In general, there were minimal changes to the Mustang in 1966. Production started in August of 1965 and the line-up featured Coupé, Convertible and Fastback trims. In total, Ford produced nearly 610,000 Mustangs in a single year.

In addition to new colours, the car also had a completely re-designed front grille, a brand-new instrument cluster, and fresh new stylish wheels. An automatic transmission became available for the “Hi-Po” V-8 model. Side scoops featured a chrome trim with three wind-splits, and GT models also received a new petrol cap and driving lamps that now came as standard.


  • Year: 1966
  • KM: 24,000
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Trim: Hard Top Coupé
  • Engine: 4.7 Litres/8 Cylinders
  • Power: 200 HP

Other Info

  • Colour: Black
  • Type: Left-hand Drive
  • Full Documentation: Yes
  • Current Location: Our workshop
  • Build Location: San José, California


On request

This car has been imported from the US. All import taxes and fees have already been paid.